babyYes it really is as simple as 1,2,3...

The last thing you need to worry about is technology. You've probably got your hands full running your own business.

We are here to help!

To get started, there are just three easy steps.

1. Tell us the name of your website

2. Tell us what type of website you want: Standard, Deluxe or Bespoke. (see How Much? for more information.)

3. Choose your colour schemes and provide us with logo images.

And that is it.

That is all you need to do to get started.

Once the site is up, we will discuss content and copy, i.e. pictures and words with you.

Don't worry about writing the copy, just tell us what you want to say, and we will wordsmith it for you.

Likewise, if you don't have any suitable photos/pictures, we can help with our photo service.

Before you get going here are some things to consider.


1. Your Website's Name

Think carefully about the name for your website. The name will take the format of an URL (the Unique Resource Locator). Like a telephone number, the name you choose for your website has to be in a specific format, since it identifies your site on the internet.

All URL's or webs addresses start with www. this stands for world wide web!

Following this is the name you choose for your website or its Domain Name, ie "mybusinessname", note there are no spaces and it is usually all in lowercase. This is your unique reference.

Finally consider the extension you want. The extension is the end part of the URL e.g .com. Historically the ".com" extension was the first (it stood for "commercial" ) and is still the most popular andprestigious extension. It is universal and not country specific, hence it costs a little bit more to register a domain name with a .com extension.

There are also country specific extensions such as for the UK (for example German sites end in .de) there is also "" and "".

Other universal ie non country specific extensions like .com are:- .net - .org - .info and famously - .tv, amongst others. If your not sure call us.

Hopefully you now have something like this:

You can check the availabilty of your domain name in the panel on the right!!.


2. What type of website?

This will be determined by your business requirement.

STANDARD - a basic informative site for advertising your products and services in a basic format with no more than 5 pages. Catalogue downloads and basic functionality can be used such as response forms and email contact.

DELUXE - Same as standard but with added features such e-commerce shopping carts so that you can sell your products and/or services online. You will need to open a merchant account with an online payment processor such as worldpay, paypal or netbanx.Maximum of 10 pages.

BESPOKE - Includes all the elements of the first two but is considerably more design lead in regard to appearance and will include flash animation. A bespoke website will require greater creative input including higher quality images and photos.


3. Livery and logo's.

Your website is an extension of your Business and it will need to reflect that identity in appearance and content. We will require from you details ofcolour palettes/pantones for your corporate colours as well as any artwork for logos.

If you do not have any of these we can help you, as we also provide a design service.

We will also look after all aspects of:

Domain registration

Website Hosting, and...



We also offer two payment schemes to help you budget your costs:

The Solo option allows you to pay for all aspects of the website in just two payments, after which the website in toto is passed on to you to manage. We will be available to assist but will charge on an hourley basis for any changes or updates required.

The Managed option allows you pay monthly, with us managing all aspects of the website on your behalf such as updates and changes, as well as being on call to help with any issues that arise.


Back to the top....


Some more points to consider :

Website Names. When deciding on a name consider:

      • How is it spelled, chose their name because it is memorable and one of the easiest words to spell. The same applies to google and yahoo. If it is your business name, is it unique? There are lots of John Smith & sons, so think of a unique name that links the site to your business. Sometimes intials will suffice or even a well known product name.

    • The extension makes a difference, so choosing or .net could help differentiate you from a company of the same name, but beware this can still cause confusion.

    • Keep it short and simple, remember sometimes your customers will have to write the website name into the address bar on their brwoser. If its a long name will they remember it?

    • Finally say it out loud. What sounds good on paper might have a different meaning when spoken aloud.
      Why not use the domain name checker below to see how unique your name really is.

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